Search results for t.i. – Rapper T.I. (aka) Clifford Harris spoke during New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Easter Service on Sunday. Tip, who is currently under house arres ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The 'King of the South' T.I. performed for the fist time since being arrested and sentenced fo weapons charges. He ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Check out this behind the scenes footage of T.I.s Giant Magazine photoshoot. Tip is killin em in that fur pimp coat. I dunno bout you.but I don ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Lil Clifford, aka T.I. was spotted enjoying his freedom in the California sunshine yesterday. Tip was photographed leaving the famous Mr. Chow’s res ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – Download T.I.'s new mixtape "Live From Forest City Correctional". Read more for download link and tracklist at ... More. (News - Music) Views: – How bout 50 Cent has joined in on all the T.I. bashing with a new song called “You So Tough” from the upcoming G-Unit Album, Terminate on Sight. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Yes…they are still at it. The “Bankhead Beef” is alive and well. Listen to T.I. ~ "What Up" (Shawty Lo Diss) ... More. (News - Music) Views: – .I. and his fiance, Tameka “Tiny’ Cottle are allowing fans the opportunity to take part in their special occaision by granting access to their baby r ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. was in NYC yesterday to promote his new reality show, “Road to Redemption,” which debuts on MTV February 10th. Check out a few flix and video f ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. acknowledges ("Real recognize real", hand salute to camera) before his last song of the night. He ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Word has been floating around the net about a virus that broke out at the Arkansas prison where rapper T.I. is currently serving his sentence. The ra ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – T.I. covers the August 2008 issue of XXL Magazine. Inside the issue, T.I. addresses his federal gun charges and how his life has changed in the afte ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Clifford “T.I.” Harris is scheduled to appear in court today, Tuesday, January 6th to settle a dispute about unpaid legal fees for his baby’s mother. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Check out these exclusive flix of T.I.'s boo, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle's birthday dinner at Bone’s restaurant in Buckhead last week. She was joined b ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Who knew Tameka “Tiny” Cottle was such a great actress?!? Hell who even knew she was in a move? Check out this old footage of T.I.’s fiance in some s ... More. (News - Music) Views:
Rapper T.I. performed in concert this weekend at Detroit's Chene Park. From the looks of these pictures - all the ladies came out to see Da King. ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – T.I. performed in Brooklyn, New York last weekend for the Diesel xXx Rock n Roll Circus as well as Pharells group, N.E.R.D., Chaka Khan and a very ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – T.I. faced his children’s mother, LaShon Dixon, in court today to dispute charges that he doesn’t adequately support his children. Tip appeared pert ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Shouts out to The Good Life Media Group, who sent me a clip yesterday of Clifford’s Easter Speech…they even put it to music! Don’t let the music ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Find out which celebs joined T.I. in DC to launch his voter registration campaign called "Respect My Vote!" ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
The video is finally here for T.I.’s “No Matter What” from his upcoming album, Paper Trail. I dunno bout this one. I expected more. ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Young Jeezy held his “Presidential Status” inaugeration ball last night in D.C. and all I can say is…Wow! Looks like an A-Town celebration! Check out ... More. (News - Politics) Views: – …yes y’all. They’re STILL at it! The beef between T.I. and Shawty Lo continues. This time it was T.I. who threw snide comments about Shawty Lo dur ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – T.I. and Tiny were spotted out in the “A” last night after serving his first day of court ordered community service. Tip and Tiny attended photograp ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – Tip sat down with MTV’s Sway for one final interview before he starts his sentence in May. Meanwhile, while Tip’s keeping quiet, reportedly his snitc ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. was being interviewed by a 93.3 The Beat in Columbus when a fan called in and asked him why would he risk his career to buy guns. He seemed real ... More. (News - Music) Views: – The world of sports and hip-hop collided Saturday evening as T.I.’s Grand Hustle celebrated their collaboration with Amar’e Stoudemire’s Hypocalypto ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Heres the new video for Jamie Foxx Just Like Me featuring T.I. Taraji P. Henson appears as Jamies love interest and these two together aint not ... More. (News - Music) Views: –
Check out exclusive flix & video of hot new artist B.o.B. and T.I. in the boardroom + "Who the F*ck is B.o.B." Mixtape download and premiere video ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: –
Check out this chort clip of T.I. during his Giant Magazine Photo shoot. He was asked about Bernie Mac. Check out what he had to say. ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – Hot 107.9 held it’s annual Birthday Bash last night and I’ve heard from numerous sources that both T.I. and Shawty Lo are still publically beefing. ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Tip performed at Jet Mirage Nightclub in Vegas Monday evening and what started out as a routine club performance ended as a peep show as Tip displaye ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – As rumors are still swirling around the “A” that T.I. snitched to get his plea deal, Shawty Lo puts his feelings in a song called “I Knew It (Snitchi ... More. (News - Music) Views: – The infamous Bankhead Beef continues. If case you haven’t decided who’s side you’re on yet, the two self-proclaimed “Kings of Bankhead” are still pol ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Listen to “No Matter What” (Remix) ~ T.I. feat Yung Joc ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Check out the newest leak from T.I.’s upcoming “Paper Trail” project. The song was produced by Kanye West and includes an addictive sample from M.I.A ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. has unveiled the album art for his upcoming CD, “Paper Trail” which is scheduled for release September 9th. He has also admitted to leaking tra ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: –
Here goes the much anticipated debut episode of MTV’s Road To Redemption, the reality series about T.I.’s final days before he has to go do that skid ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Two brothers have been arrested and charged with the murder of T.I.’s close friend and confidant. Hosea Thomas, 34, (Left), and Padron Thomas, 40, ( ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. sat down recently and discussed his disappointment about not being able to release his completed "Swing Your Rag" video due to Gucci & Louis V ... More. (News - Music) Views: –
Shawty Lo is back from vacation and has made a video in response to the Club Crucial incident. His rant turns from Meatball as he begins to rant and ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – T.I. rocked the house during his New Year’s 2009 performance at Gansevoort South in Miami. You can’t deny that Tip looked swaggerific in his black t ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. talks about having 45 days left before going to jail and his new reality show surrounding that event. ... More. (News - Music) Views: –
DJ Clinton Sparks interviews T.I. on Karmaloop TV ... More. (All Videos) Views: – The Kang jumps on the bring it back track with the o.g's 8Ball and MJG ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Check out T.I.'s new video 'Remember me' ... More. (News - Music) Views: – We posted this previously but it was flooded with unnecessary DJ f*ckery…CLICK [HERE] to hear the CLEAN version ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. will be appearing on Larry King Live this Thursday in his first interview since being released from prison.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. will have to shell more in child support payments to his ex LaShon Dixon. A judge has increased the montlhly support payments for the second ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – New music from T.I.!!! ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Alfamega has issued an OPEN LETTER to T.I. regarding all the drama behind his being let go from Grand Hustle. In it, Alfa addresses all the times he’ ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. releases the first single from his “King Uncaged” album. The track is titled “Got Your Back” and feaures Keri Hilson. Hmm, he song is decent, bu ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – T.I. pleads guilty and doesn't get that bad of a deal. ... More. (News - Business) Views: – It get no more gangster than this LOL! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – via Woooha According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has asked T.I. to remake their famed NBC jingle in a rebranding and promotional effort. As part ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
Check out Rihanna, T.I. & Day 26 on FNMTV. She was also spotted getting some R & R in West Hollywood. ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views:
T.I. attends the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball at the Harman Center of the Arts on Monday January 19th, hosted by Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Young Jeezy an ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – T.I. performing “Yeah U Know” from the motion picture TAKERS, ... More. (All Videos) Views: – T.I. Stopped By 103 jamz in Va to speak on a couple of issues, And Addresses the Shawty Low Beef head on. "I've been out for 9 years now, this i ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. is featured in a swagged-out photo spread in Smooth magazine. The rapper expounds on everything from the kind of swag he believes Barack Obama, ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Similar to industry peer T.I., Lil' Wayne may be headed to jail because of gun charges during the pinnacle of his career. ... More. (News - Law) Views: – “What people don’t take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren’t eligible for was because I made ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – T.I. is back with his first track since his arrest on weapons charges back in late 2007. The title of the track is called "Hunt Em Down" and it's ... More. (News - Music) Views: –
The official video for T.I.'s follow up single, Whatever You Like ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Alfamega's been located and the 'facts" are in. You wonder where he's been since all the snitch/grand hustle drama? The answer may or may not sur ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Shawty started it and T.I. finished it. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – New music from T.I., "Let 'Em Talk" Brandon and Big Kuntry are featured on the track. Vote is you would play this joint or act like you misplaced ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Drake reveals, “T.I. told me to never stop ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – After the instant internet buzz swarming around the new song "Hunt Em Down" leaked from the Grand Hustle Camp, T.I. felt the need to quickly nip an ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Rapper T.I.'s sentence has been greatly reduced! He's scheduled to report to prison by noon on May 26th but is being given credit for his time serv ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Check out footage of Shawty Lo's brother getting knocked the ???? out. LOL! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – T.I. is back at it with his new track 'I'm Back,' produced by Trackslayerz. Listen to the track below and vote whether you would play it or mispla ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – T.I. and B.o.B on the cover of complex magazine August / September edition. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Well, well, we have it...straight from the Associated Press...Clifford Harris, aka T.I., will get his stay in Arkansas' Forrest City's ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – In this vid T.I. addresses all the haters, but its clear by his current drama the message is probably meant for Shawty Lo. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – B.o.Bs spoof video about Auto Tune ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – As Lil Wayne is starting his one year bid at NYC's Rikers Island, T.I. is tagged in and is preparing to make a comeback.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – It’s official. The Urban Daily has learned exclusively that T.I. and Tiny are formally man and wife. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – T.I. has signed southern rap legends Eightball and MJG to Grand Hustle Records. The huge announcement was made live during T.I.’s set at Hot 107.9’ ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Howard Stern is infamous for his raunchy interviews, controversial use of scatological, sexual, and racial humour. The self proclaimed "King Of All ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – VH1’s newest season of ?Celebrity Fit Club’ star Bobby Brown was spotted down in Atlantic station.. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Shawty Lo is STILL talking! During this Interview with DJ Envy he boldly implies that T.I. Snitched to the Feds in exchange for less time. ... More. (Videos - Gossip) Views: – The so-called MySpace Jumpoff chick is pissed off and wants the world to know the true story about Tameka Tiny Cottle! Jenesia contacted me y ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – T.I. and Andre 3000 hugged it out backstage at the Philips Arena during the T.I. Final Countdown Concert. T.I. reportedly began his year-and-a-day se ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – T.I. was on the side line screaming like the coach during the Hawks victory over the Lakers. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: –
No one on that stage had swagger like her! Salute to M.I.A. for holding it down, virtually bout to pop out her belly. ... More. (All Videos) Views: – T.I. and Tiny were the life of the party as they celebrated Tips 28th birthday with Untouchables - Part II Saturday night. The private event was ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – T.I. might be serving time as we speak ,but that doesn't mean he has to stop making music. Surely a part of you is wondering how on earth will T.I. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The funny thing is before the arrests were made I was preparing this post and the latest events kind of forced me to do it now! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out the Kang's T.I. latest 'I'm Back' video. ... More. (All Videos) Views: –
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