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Unlike any other genre of Black music, hip hop has mostly resisted visible gentrification. Sure, there have been non-Black rap stars, like Eminem a ... More. (News - Culture) Views: – With talks that artist albums just aren’t selling the same unless they are Miley Cyrus (according to T-Pain), it was only a matter of time before art ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beats & Bars shares its lists of picks and pans in hip-hop for 2008. ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Busta Rhymes Gets Served By Kid In Rap Battle ... More. (News - Music) Views: – 50 Cent has been riding high ever since his debut on the scene with his album Get Rich Or Die Trying. With the new album came drama, drama, and some ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Word has been floating around the net about a virus that broke out at the Arkansas prison where rapper T.I. is currently serving his sentence. The ra ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Following the release of Drake's video for his song "Find Your Love," the Canadian actor turned rapper was called out on the storyline for the vid ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Check out the newest video from Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne. Lloyd’s falsetto is a bit disturbing but I ta-ta-ta-totally like this song…and Lil Wayne d ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Soulja Boy Tell 'Em made headlines earlier this week when he decided to go on a twitter-rage about the music industry and how it has sucked him of a ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – You are now rockin with the best! DJ Nyce goes in hollywood style with an ill mix of top 40, rock, hip-hop and 80s classics. For more info log on t ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – You’ll immediately draw the comparison to Eminem. However you should give this guy, as with any artist, an unbiased ear. Kid is spittin’. And this is ... More. (All Musicians) Views: –
For your viewing pleasure today we present “So Good,” the latest decadent pop morsel from hip hop / r&b; mixologists and all round fun gals Electrik R ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Did you hear the good and bad news yet? The good news is that Eminem will be releasing a new album this summer. The bad news is that it won’t be Rela ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Is Kanye's ego that big of a deal? ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In a recent interview with Vibe magazine she talks about those critics who say she is weird for trying to be different than her sister.Some other thi ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – but is it really a good move!?! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Some exclusives remixes. About 30min. ... More. (All Musicians) Views: –
Joaquin Phoenix takes time to convince reporter, Andrea Tiede, that he is hip-hop from the soul. He said a whole lot more in these 2 minu ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors returns with their seventh edition and this time around they are paying homage to “The Dirty South.” ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Datzhott does an exclusive uncut and uncensored phone interview with Will Smith's Nephew, 17-year-old rapper, K-Smith. Check it out. K talks about b ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Mos Def questions Jay-Z's greatness. Read more.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – (News - Entertainment) Views: – Chamillionaire featuring Z-Ro. Check the video. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – who would’ve ever thought!?! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – June is going to be a very, very hot month. Hustle Simmons, the collaborative project from Dave Ghetto and producer extraordinaire Tha S Ence will be ... More. (All Musicians) Views: –
Trey Songs, Drake and Lil Wayne team up for "Successful". ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Respected Hip-Hop artist, Guru of Gangstarr, has lost his battle with cancer.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Fonsworth Bentley is officially an artist! The gentleman of Hip-Hop is ready to take the industry by storm with his new label and his uniquely raw st ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Right after asking where in the world is Charlie Baltimore (I later recalled viewing a video of Charlie in an interview about a year ago discussing B ... More. (News - Music) Views: –
New music video, “Magnificent” from Rick Ross featuring ya boy, John Legend off of Rick Ross’ upcoming album, Deeper Than Rap. The album is tentative ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – I interviewed up and coming rapper Rob Grimes. Rob has been making alot of noise in the industry and I got the chance to talk the talk with him. Its ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – New music video, “Last Chance” from R&B; hitmaker, Ginuwine. I am not sure if this is a track off of an upcoming project, but anyway, check it out. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – We hear it all the time; in fact, we probably have said it many times ourselves without even thinking twice. That redundant statement I’m blabbing ab ... More. (News - Music) Views:
So Russell Simmons has invited Bill O'Reilly and a few other right wingers to blog on his social media site: Global Grind -- and express their probl ... More. (News - Music) Views: – This the FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of March 26, 2008 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music, news and c ... More. (News - Business) Views: –
Video: “Workin’ On It” -Dwele ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – tell ?em … how it is! … baby girl! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – This is a blog the Radio Broadcast family felt had to be put out due to the retarded-ness of what now counts as quality ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Inner Loop Records put out an all-points bulletin for some of the best artists in DC to be apart of the Reasonable Doubt Remix Project. They threw it ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. will be appearing on Larry King Live this Thursday in his first interview since being released from prison.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Crooked I says a fan tried to set him up. They came up with a camera phone and the next thing you know he heard gun shots! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – We have weekly post here on called iPod Food & Eats where we are going to give you some free quality Black Music to download to ... More. (News - Music) Views: – New music video, “Blame It” from Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain off of his third album Intuition, which is in stores now ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Lil Wayne’s teeth have come to the rescue and is the reason behind his jail sentencing being postponed.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Aight ya’ll so last week I gave you the prescription to cure your ears of the lameness of R&B; music. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – WHOA! MIMS GETS REAL CANDID AND LET BLOGGERS AND NAYSAYERS KNOW HOW HE REALLY FEELS. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – lately Drake has not been doing it for most fans, preferably Hip-Hop fans, and was starting to become like a stale Ritz cracker with molded cheese on ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Huey, “Mr. Pop. Lock & Drop It” has returned after seems like to be a long hietus with a new video, “No Make Up” featuring Trey Songz off of Huey’s u ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Hip-Hop artists are known to travel down some very random roads that leave them with either great reputations or brown-bagged dishonor to the genre. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – YO MTV RAPS IS BACK: That’s right, you read correctly. Yo! MTV Raps is coming back on the air and online for the entire month of April. Why? To celeb ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
New music video, “Circulate” from Young Jeezy off of his latest album The Recession. Belvedere Vodka commissioned this video ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Last night Jay-Z and basketball player LeBron James held their 4th Annual Kings Dinner in Dallas, Texas and while on the red carpet at the event, Jay ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – I featured up and coming artist BrandUN Deshay on my site. This guy has a lot of talent because his sound is unique from what is being heard on the r ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – THIS GUY IS PHENOMENAL! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – See the video! HipHopOfficial catchs up with 88 Keys. Kicks a freestyle over some classic Dilla ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Hip-Hop has been crushed by the sudden passing of Michael Jackson and are looking to remember him in a major way. Record labels like Sony and Epic an ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Here is the 2nd weekly post here on called iPod Food & Eats where we are going to give you some free quality Black Music mp3s to ... More. (News - Music) Views: – T.I. will have to shell more in child support payments to his ex LaShon Dixon. A judge has increased the montlhly support payments for the second ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Lil Wayne must have been wearing a four leaf clover in his sock today because his sentencing was postponed for a second time today.... ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Up and coming Artist Spohkes is looking to make some noise in the rap game...check him out ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – THEY'RE BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – As told by the new track list for Eminem's upcoming album Recovery, it seems he and Rihanna have something in common; a song... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Sole and Ginuwine...are they still together? Plus news on Nivea and Lil Wayne. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Seems like BET is not looking to take the burden of the backlash regarding Lil Wayne and Drake's performance at the 2009 BET Awards that aired live ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Wes Coas is hitting the stage February 27 at Jet Lounge. There were will be additional performances by Kids on Mars, Breakiong Grounds, V-Squad, Fran ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – The ancient argument that seems to always hit a dead end has left the corners of Hip-Hop and found its way to sports TV. Wale recently made an appear ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – D.O.E's Mixtape presented my Timbaland ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – In what seems like forever, has now come to a end with everyone speculating on when Jay-Z's highly anticipated album will be released; the wait is f ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” is set to replace Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” at Belmont Stakes... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Nas and Kelis are finally having a baby together. Here they are, flossing for some new baby clothes. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Kanye West and his one-time mentor Jay-Z have achieved something almost as unlikely: They’ve turned hip-hop into a blockbuster touring business. Jay- ... More. (News - Music) Views: – In December of last year there were some rumors bubbling about Nicki Minaj and if she was or was not involved in a video that was recorded in 2004. T ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – New Mixtape from the Hip-Hop group Photon ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Chamillionaire addresses the rumors about his retirement. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – From early last week, the net has been left buzzing after a video of Lil Kim showed the Brooklyn rapper ripping off a colorful wig from her head and ... More. (News - Music) Views: – The scoop on who's Brandy's manager, Nick Cannon defends his relationship with Mariah Carey and more! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – We are only 6 days into July and already there is a brand new beef sizzling on the grill; this time, rapper The Game is the chef. The Game becomes an ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Here's the first single off of Nas' now untitled album and Polow Da Don is the producer. This one is a banger IMO. Download: Nas - "Hero" (Cle ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The Dream - “Rockin’ That Thang” ... More. (News - Music) Views: – As Lil Wayne is starting his one year bid at NYC's Rikers Island, T.I. is tagged in and is preparing to make a comeback.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – na na na na na na...hey hey hey....goodbye. So you didn't think we would see the day that someone would speak up and lay out the truth about ... More. (News - Music) Views: – A week after the day in which Tupac Shakur would have celebrated his 39th birthday, the news of his song "Dear Mama" being added to the U.S. Librar ... More. (News - Music) Views: – there?s no truth more powerful than the voice of reality - DATZHOTT! ... More. (News - Music) Views: | Share Buttons | About | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact
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