Search results for beyonce – Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles have been a bonafide couple for over 6 years now (wow..time flies!) but rumor has it that they’ve been taking their time ju ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – The net has been bumping this week with stories that Jay-Z and Beyonce are finally gonna take the plunge. First the Knowles family makes a statement ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – This Event Will Sell Out. Please consider bottle service and early arrival as a means to guarantee admission and a great experience. PANDORA2009: ... More. (Washington D.C.) Views: – She's even sexy in a pantsuit. ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Beyonce Knowles and her hip-hop man JAY-Z have secretly married. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – New mom Halle Berry is still considered hotter than Beyonce Knowles! In the second round of HDTV “Hottie Hysteria,” an elimination tournament to...( ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Word on these mean internet streets is that Bey stole the concept from the chicks in the video above (known as the Fosse �Mexican Breakfast� chicks). ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Sources close to the Crazy In Love singer have hinted there could be double celebrations - as she and husband Jay-Z get set to have their first baby. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce and Jay-Z house is crazy... ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Check out Beyonce's new video for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." The concept is really simple, but i like what she did with the video. What d ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The usually secretive and quiet Beyonce talks about her and jay's special relationship, and her goal to dominate the world!!! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The Super Sexy R&B; Singer Rihanna and Katy Perry were spotted together having a nice time on the beaches Barbados. They both were so busy in flauntin ... More. (Pictures - Gossip) Views: – It's now confirmed that Beyonce Knowles will indeed play blues singer Etta James in the upcoming film "Cadillac Records," which centers on the fou ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – (News - Entertainment) Views:
Looking absolutely stunning, Beyonce Knowles graces the April cover of Vogue magazine. With the magazine’s headline boasting, “Real woman have curves ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Today, Columbia Records/ Music World released an exclusive interview session with Beyonce. The singer discusses the content of her new album as well ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce was spotted this weekend in NYC rockin some new wig swag. We’re not sure about this one, are you feelin it? ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Jay-Z and his Mrs. were spotted in NYC proudly displaying whose side their on. Get out and VOTE in November! ... More. (News - Politics) Views: – Rumors are floating that Beyonce Knowles-Carter is Pregnant, explaining the possible reason for her private, but rushed Nuptials. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce is executive producer of the new movie Obsessed, released yesterday. She’s also one of the movie’s stars, and spoke with Parade Magazine abo ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Another week, another “Beyonce and Jay-Z are engaged or about to be married” story. Back in January, there was a rumor that they were secretly marrie ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce Knowles and hubby Jay-Z were in attendance for Rafael Nadal's victory at the 2010 French Open in Paris, France. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Last night some QCU celebs came out to help DJ Rashida[far left] celebrate her birthday at Bar Marmont in Hollywood. Guests included Beyonce, Solange ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce was seen outside Madison Garden wearing her weeding band. In a few pics you can see her trying to hide her hand from the paparazzi by tucking ... More. (Pictures - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce finally lets the world know the full scoop of what happened at the wedding. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce and her moms/stylist, Tina Knowles, hit the beach in Monaco for a little relaxation...a little girls day out. Beyonce recently stated that af ... More. (Pictures - Gossip) Views: – The new Forbes list has been released and Hip Hop’s new power couple has a prominent placement amongst the list. Jay-Z and Beyonce come in at #7 and ... More. (News - Business) Views: – This is an old clip of Jay-Z during the “Best of Both Worlds” tour with R. Kelly. Jay is seen in the video describing the Destiny’s Child song “T-Sh ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beats & Bars shares its lists of picks and pans in hip-hop for 2008. ... More. (All Musicians) Views:
As previously reported, singer Beyonce Knowles is set to cover the April issue of Vogue magazine. Now images of the “Single Ladies” star have hit the ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – See what Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian were up to this weekend ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check Kanye West newest song featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson called “See me now”. ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Do not get me wrong both ladies rocked the heck out of their gowns, but why did they pair such heavy shoes with light and pretty gowns? Both Lala and ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé and the Foo Fighters said Thursday they'll attend the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, despite the threat of picket lines by striking Hollywood wri ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce and her lil sis, Solange in Tokyo, Japan Friday to promote a line of handbags by a Japanese designer. Bey also performed "If I Were A Boy" ... More. (News - Music) Views: – They were vacationing for the New Year. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce is one of the hardest working women in the business. She is on tour but she made time to partner with The Helping Hand Campaign. original ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – ...Is this Sasha Fierce person Beyonce�s alter ego? Will Beyonce be pulling a Nelly and dropping two albums on the same day a la �Sweat Suit?�... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – I know, I know...Normally I post hip-hop. Only on occasion do I post R&B.; But I just wanna throw it out there. Beyonce is working on her new albu ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce arrived at LAX yesterday minus her hubby, but looking fresh and well rested. Word on the street is that she has been in the studio working o ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce was spotted on Access Hollywood discussing Cooking and Kids. Check out what she says when reminded about her 30 year to-do list. Watch Vide ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – IS BEYONCE NEW VIDEO & SONG "IF I WERE A BOY" HOT OR WACK?! SOME SAY SHE'S GROWING AS A ARTIST SOME SAY SHE NEEDS TO STICK WITH WHAT WORKS! ... More. (All Videos) Views: – After watching the Grammy's last Sunday along and witnessing the response that Beyonce's performance received, I am convinced that the media is no ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – There was an awkward moment for Rihanna and Jay Z as the pair scooped a Grammy for their collaboration ‘Umbrella.’ ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Check out the new video. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out the Male Version of Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Song...Hilarious! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – On the set of her new fragrance commercial, Kimmy looked a lot like B in oversize 60s-inspired shades. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Pop culture superstar Beyoncé is bringing her 2009 “I AM…” World Tour to North America this summer with a series of full-length concerts launching at ... More. (News - Music) Views: – As some of you saw the other night, the BET Awards and all the talent that attended decided to make the night a Michael Jackson Tribute. There was a ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce doing her thing in Concert ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – A lot of fuss has been made over Jay-Z and Rihanna at the Grammys. Personally, I didnt see anything. ... More. (Videos - Gossip) Views: – spoof about Beyonce's #1 single "put a ring on it" ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Hollywood celebrity gossip. Get the latest news about your favorite celebrities gossips including Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Barack Obama. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce plays the wife of a successful businessman, whose life (and that of his family) is threatened by a crazy office worker of his who turns out t ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – You too can look like Beyonce in a House of Dereon �Obama is Change� t-shirt! The shirt, designed by Bey and Momma Tina comes in White, Red & Navy a ... More. (News - Politics) Views: – hy are people lying about this couple? Why? Here’s the scoop the people are saying Beyonce and Jay sleep in separate beds. How would they know thi ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Celeb friends Beyonce and Kanye West were both spotted running errands in ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce daddy has some fightin’ words for The Queen of Soul. Legendary songstress Aretha Franklin issued an egotistical press release on Tuesday blas ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – ..."Last night, Beyonce kicked off her "I Am..." world tour at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Canada. Despite the "no media" rule, B drew out an inti ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
SUMMER SONIC 09′ BEYONCE (Live in Tokyo) ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Here is the Laurent Briet and Ed Burke produced video "1+1" by Beyonce. Nothing much to say about the video because it was a snooze fest for me. I ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In Touch magazine estimates that Beyonce's lacefront wig collection is worth a million dollars! Now that is some premimum hand-tied Remi Yaki hair t ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out a few flix and video from President-elect Barack Obama’s “We Are One” inaugural opening celebration. ... More. (News - Politics) Views: – This dysfunctional turd had bad things to say about the Jackson”s. Why don’t she stay home and raise her kid? Wasn’t she a victim of teenage pregnanc ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – reported awhile back that Beyonce would be starring as 50's Chicago singer Etta James in the upcoming biopic Cadillac Records. Now it tu ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce is on the promotion trail for her upcoming album soon to be released. She covers the newest issue of InStyle and discusses her family, weight ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In a recent UK interview, Beyonce was caught off guard when the reporter asked her about the song she walked down the aisle to. Check out the intervi ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Jay-Z, minus wife B, was spotted leaving Robin Thicke's birthday dinner at the Waverly Inn Restaurant in NYC. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – BUT WHY? ... More. (News - Music) Views: – As if the Brooklyn rapper didn't have enough on his hands with The Game and the rising D.O.H. (Death of Hova) campaign. He, along with his wife Beyo ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – When it comes to fragrance, Beyonce's no newbie. She's been the face of Tommy Hilfiger's True Star and Giorgio Armani's Emporio Diamonds, but the ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Jay-Z and Beyonce Unite With Will Smith and Jada in New York City for a musical about the life and times of Fela Kuti, Nigeria’s Bob Marley. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – First things first, I’m a fan of Beyoncé. It’s hard not to respect and appreciate the talents of someone who works as hard as she does. With that sai ... More. (News - Culture) Views: – Six months after giving birth, Beyonce made her comeback with four high-energy concerts from May 25-28 at the Revel casino and resort in Atlantic Cit ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – There is an endless sea of opportunities for marketable celebrities that display staying power. Beyonce and mother Tina Knowles have inked a deal wit ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – "If Barack Obama needs a singer for Inauguration Day in January, he can count on Beyonce Knowles-Carter. "I'm there. I can't wait," she told ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Here's the movie trailer exclusive (ripped from CBS). Looks like it's gonna be INTENSE!!! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – LeToya Luckett graces the cover the April/May 2009 edition of Sister 2 Sister magazine. LeToya sits down with Jaime of S2S to discusses being a s ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
Check out Beyonce's New Video ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Beyonce stirs up controversy over an interview she did for a Polish magazine. She had some really interesting answers when asked about Jay Z and his ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Say ahhh for a tablespoon of deja vu. Producer Rob Fusari, who is also the brain child behind Lady Gaga's success, has gone on record claiming th ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – In a recent interview with Vibe magazine she talks about those critics who say she is weird for trying to be different than her sister.Some other thi ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce made a huge announcement on the VMA red carpet! #baby!!!!!" ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Beyonce is jet setting to meet her boo. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce shares this story about her mother�s parenting style. �There have been times where my mom has literally smacked me in my face. When I was ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Kanye took to the stage with VJ Sway, then alone to give a performance. He is rocking a new haircut, but i'm not sure if i'm feeling his look. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Ms. Fierce has returned with yet another video off her latest I Am..Sasha Fierce release. original link: ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z sure spread the love around last week. They had a $1,200 lunch at Nello’s in New York, which is extravagant enough, ri ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – New concert pictures of Alicia Keys and Beyonce and some exclusive video pictures. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – It looks like Beyonce’s “break” is over. This holiday season, you can catch Mrs. Sean Carter pushing her perfume to your lady friends, and now she co ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – I call Beyonce's look urban peasant because her top is very country, but the boots and shades add the urban flair to her look. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out the new ad for Dereon Dresses featuring Beyonc� and Mama Tina. "Beyonc� and Tina Knowles are both coming to Bloomingdales on 59th street at 6p ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce performs on the Today Show in New York City at the Rockefeller Center. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce has done it again, or should i say Sasha Fierce? She's keeping a steady hand when dealing with the black & white themed videos & for what it ... More. (News - Music) Views: – wow-sers! ... probably a little bit more to it! than ... meets the eye! ... LOL! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – As if she doesn’t already have enough going on, Beyonce is getting ready to launch a fragrance. The scent, called Heat, is being released in conjunc ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Reba McEntire did a great country swagged up cover of Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” recently. I always thought the song had a country feel to it, and I ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Here is the Beyonce second single titled "Till The End Of Time" from her forthcoming album 4. Listen to "Till The End Of Time" and vote whether y ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – ..the front row line-up for the 2012 BET Awards had to be one of the most interesting ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce speaks in this old video when she was 16 about staying humble, praying, and if you ever see her after she's famous and she acts acts like sh ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce admits that she was a sad woman until Jay-Z came along. Says that she was once an unhappy person who locked herself in the closet everyday. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: –
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Boy Beyonce Bitch, aka, B.B.B. If you need a quick laugh...check out this hood-ass footage ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce is working on a new Nintendo DSi Rhythm Heaven in stores April 5. Huh, as you can see Bey’s nephew, Julez, 4 is co-starring in this commercia ... More. (News - Technology) Views: – Brokenhearted Girl was one of my favorite tracks off her latest I Am..Sasha Fierce. It got down to the heart of the matter with the lyrics & not to m ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Catch up with Michelle, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Mya! ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Both Rihanna and Beyonce wore camouflage pants. My question is do you think Rihanna's more fun youthful look was more stylish or Beyonce's chic mil ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In the this recent interview with LowKey The Dream stated that if there was one artist he had to work with for the rest of his career ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé is making her rounds during fashion week, she was spotted at Tory Burch Madison Avenue Flagship Opening. She wore this fabulous Michael Kors ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Wonder what Jay thinks about this... ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Check out Beyonce's appearance on SNL last night ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In this Who Rocked it Best? post the very different Knowles sisters both wore different versions of a Marc Jacobs belted dress. Solange first rocked ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Ladies Ladies Ladies (and a few gentlemen). In the world of "ballers" they must be fierce as at times. Let's play Baller Alert's own Hit or Miss. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Although it officially debuts tomorrow, Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" video has hit the net tonight via ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out this hot performance of "Sweet Dreams." And when is the "Video Phone" video w/ Gaga premiering? ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Today(April 4th), Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrate their 2 year anniversary. Most skeptics expected the high profile celebrity couple to crash and burn wi ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé's break from the industry is coming to a screeching halt, and the singer recently shared some details with Entertainment Tonight about her f ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyoncé was spotted in NYC leaving an office building again on November 8, 2011. She is probably wrapping up all unfinished business before her baby ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Today, Beyonce hit up Bloomingdales NY to unveil her new House of Dereon Dress collection. Meanwhile, my favorite tolls twins Mary-Kate & Ashley Olse ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – You can learn a lot by watching a couple in love. Here are the top rated pictures of Hip Hop's number 1 couple. Pay attention you can learn a thing ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
Singer/actor Beyonce Knowles wants to follow in the footsteps of rock bands Metallica and Aerosmith by developing a Guitar Hero video game which excl ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Singer Beyonce Knowles is curvy and proud of it! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
Out and about this weekend, Solange proved that she's a real contender for most beautiful Knowles sister. She knocked BEY OUT! WOOOOOW! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce graces the cover of Allure’s February 2010 issue, and I do mean graces. I love this cover shot; it’s sexy and fierce, and I’m digging the un ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce's new track "Party" is produced by Kanye West and Consequence with a guest feature from Andre 3000. The track has a laid back 90'-es que ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Solange Knowles sat front row at the 2012 BET Awards and got plenty of camera time along with big sis. Still, we didn't get to see much about her l ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Pictures of Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Keyshia, Mary, Mariah and Crew at Fashion Rocks ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Beyonce & Solange were at the MTV Europe Liverpool on November 6, 2008. I am trying to figure out if Sasha Fierce or Beyonce showed up on the Red Car ... More. (News - Music) Views:
Dear Fly Guy,a friend recently told me about your comments on the �Single Ladies� Beyonce video. I read what you wrote and I felt like �Wow, so this ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – ..."Rocker Lenny Kravitz strikes a mean pose with model Carmen Kaas for the April cover of VOGUE Russia. Inside the issue, Kravitz steps behind the ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé has teamed up with the Show Your Helping Hand™ hunger relief initiative and General Mills Hamburger Helper®. The goal is to help Feeding Amer ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – This year’s VMA’s may have featured dozens of today’s top acts, and lasted almost two-hours on a big three network carrier, but what was unarguably t ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce came out to support her hubby Jay Z at his official Madison Square Garden concert after-party at the 40 / 40 Club the other night in New York ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce was spotted in Midtown Manhattan the other day with her bodyguard in tow of course. She looked like she was a little agitated with the paps. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – This is a crazy story, but it's true. A Dutch woman was recently charged with ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Mrs. Carter was spotted enjoying her hubby's set. She's a "ride and die" kind of girl who stole his heart. ... More. (Pictures - Entertainment) Views: – You saw it here first! lol. Quicksters check out the new video for Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy"...It's hot↓ ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Watch Beyonce and Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live performing a 'Single Ladies' video skit ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Megan Good leaving an LA club + Beyonce at LAX...i wonder where cousin Angie was? It looks like B may have gotten a new assistant. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
So, the tension between Jay-Z and The Game has just gotten deeper. Recently during a concert in Madrid, Spain, The Game released a freestyle titled ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – Preview stills of B & Gaga's "Video Phone" video + find out when it's ACTUALLY premiering ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In this highly stylize interview DATZHOTT! profiles singer/songwriter SHONTELLE as she talks about life on the road and her fondest memories of grow ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Our favorite Kard(ass)hian was spotted rocking braided cornrows leaving a gym in LA last Thursday. This weekend, Solange Knowles debuted her braids d ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Beyoncé is one celebrity that doesn’t go anywhere without a fly handbag. I decided to highlight her handbag of choice, the Alexander Wang Devere Sat ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce made an appearance at Bloomingdales in NYC yesterday to premiere a new collection from her House Of Dereon (aka dammitstillwrong, lol!) cloth ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – "Queen B" covers the latest installment of The New York Observer Style. Click on the cover to read the interview which discusses B's ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – To B! Or not to B? That is the question! LOL! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Solange and Beyonce Knowles were spotted at a press conference yesterday promoting Samantha Thavasa & Disney's new handbag collection at Tokyo Disne ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out these A-list celebs and their crazy-cool-incredible outfits at PARIS fashion week! WOW!!!! ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Right off the heals of the internet leak of Beyonce's new album 4, Bee took to her Facebook page to address her fans about the issue. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – YouTube user kkpalmer1000 is either really talented or he has way too much free time. Last week the kid uploaded a spot-on remake of Beyoncé's "Co ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Solange isn't saying a thing about Beyonce's weddings. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – via Reuters LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - R&B; singer Beyonce will release her third solo album in the United States on November 18, her Columbia Records ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Check this one out! This is a message sent to all ladies about the mindstate of Single N**AS -- LOL! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Check out 8 of the smartest, most social and sexiest women of �08. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – ..."Solange was spotted partying with friends at Hollywood's Bar Marmont over the weekend (doesn't the DJ favor Aaliyah?!). Solo looks great in th ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Uh-oh, trouble on the way for Beyonce Knowles. The mega star could face a million-dollar lawsuit from M2 Lounge owner Joe Morrissey. Reportedly, Beyo ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – It’s finally confirmed that Beyonce has let all of her fame and fortune go straight to her (weaved-up) head. Know why? Because the egomaniac wife of ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Showing and proving that Dereon is still kicking and alive, Beyonce released a few photo's of the new collection of House of Dereon which includes a ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce at NY Yankee CC Sabathia`s birthday at the 40/40 club, NY ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Über fab makeupless Beyoncé did some retail therapy with her hubby Jay Z and Kanye West at Intermix this past weekend. Who new Bee would wear shoes m ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
Beyonce's new video 'If I Were a Boy' has hit the Internet. The song is Bey's first single from her third solo album 'I Am' which will be relea ... More. (All Videos) Views: – TRL's "Total Finale Live" went down last night in times square. Original host, Carson Daily, returned and plenty of hot performers hit up the stag ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – On Valentines Day Jay Z, Lebron James and Sprite Green collaborated to donate money to the Mesa Arts Academy in Mesa, Arizona. Bee was there to suppo ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The Knowles sisters, Solange + Beyonce, were spotted leaving their Amsterdam hotel in the Netherlands. Both women are across the pond touring. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out the video (before it's taken down!) ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Some of our favorites were on the scene this weekend. Rosa Acosta hosted Ibiza in Washington, D.C. this past friday. original link: http://www.bal ... More. (Pictures - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce's Ex-Assistant dishes on the chemistry btw her and Jay During the BET Awards in 2003 I witnessed the makings of a real relationship betwe ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – As usual Beyonce’s handbag is the highlight of my day. She was spotted in NYC carrying this fab Burberry Prorsum Leather Bowling Bag. I see she wante ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Although most of the recent press regarding Beyonce's film career has been around the upcoming film Cadillac Records where she plays singer Etta Jam ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – GIANT covers Beyonce ... More. (Pictures - Entertainment) Views: – Solange and big sis Beyonce are over in Japan promoting Samantha Thavasa handbangs. But I want to talk about how Solange is working her new do. I thi ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – he Grammys are always one of the most anticipated awards shows of the season. This year’s edition was no exception as fans anxiously waited for seve ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce was spotted arriving at the Nice Cote d'Azur Airport in Nice, France with her mother, Tina Knowles the other day. Bee rocked a semi 80's lo ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – R&B; singer Beyonce will release her third solo album in the United States on November 18, her Columbia Records label said on Monday. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce says that she wants to do a black version of Wonder Woman but what ever happened to her alter-ego Sasha Fierce. BTW, I would love to see her ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: –
Check out Beyonce's new video for, Halo, off of her newest album, I Am...Sasha Fierce, in stores now!! ~Too Hood 4 Hollywood~ ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Bebe Zahara and Kanye Twitter make sweet music love. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – It seems like Beyonce has been getting a little bit of bad press this past week. First it was the rumored sabotaging of Letoya Luckett's upcoming pe ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – I know YB writer T.J is gonna get mad at this one. I know Beyonce has a lacefront, more hips than anything else, and all her other flaws that haters ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – DJ Khaled has stated the he wants to work with the over 20 time grammy winners Beyonce and Alicia Keys in a recent Vibe magazine issue. Check the sit ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé sure knows how to keep her shoes in tact she has had these hot Alexander McQueen Buckle Ski Boots since 2010. These pics are of Bee on three ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
Beyonce's second video "Single Ladies", your two cents required. ... More. (Videos - Music) Views: – Beyonce blessed the TRL finale with 'If I were a boy' and 'single ladies' and more.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Yesterday Bionic B was photographed on Malibu beach filming a new video ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The I Am...Tour stops in Berlin, Germany tonight, and Beyonce was spotted out and about touring Berlin. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: –
Who did a more entertaining video of Sweet Dreams? Beyonce or Tyrone Jones ... More. (All Videos) Views: – Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Hype Williams produced video clip for "Video Phone" actually leaked the other day but I decided to post it on the actual p ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce lands new movie role as Ginger Grant in the film adaptation of Gilligan’s Island.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Fresh faced Beyonce, her hubby Jay Z and cousin Angela were spotted court side at the 2011 NBA All-Star game at Staples Center on February 20 in Los ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Oh my, Beyonce haters have come forward to throw lots of shade and name calling regarding Baby Blue Ivy... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Listen to Beyonce's new album 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce and Jay-Z were doing what normal rich couples do, traveling and spending quality time together and with the family. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In an attempt to be interesting, Brooke gives her thoughts on Beyonce, Cassie and others. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Solange decided to vent her frustrations with the media not praising her sister Beyonce for setting a new record for the most awards received during ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce is working her newly toned physique in W Magazine's July 2011 Music and Style issue. All you have to do is sit back and admire the photo's. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce out and about. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Ciara does a cover of Beyonce's Diva. Awww shucky shucky ... More. (News - Music) Views: – According to Parade, Tyler Perry known for his Madea plays and movies took home $125 million making him the highest paid entertainer for 2008... Chec ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Encore, Encore! That's what Beyonce deserves. Performing to a sold out house, Beyonce rocked Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena. From beginning to end, ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Tips & Tricks on how to keep the peace on the net! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Check out some NEW leaked pix of Beyonce and Gaga in their new video together!!! ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Jay-z's 40/40 club has been slapped with a class action suit from it's employees. Employees have a good case. Check it out. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce and Justin Timberlake teamed up on Saturday Night Live this weekend to spoof her new video, "Single Ladies" ... More. (All Musicians) Views:
Multitalented Beyonce Knowles recently revealed she has yet to spend any of her fortune on luxury items. Named the richest star under 30 years old, w ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – LIKE MOTHER! LIKE SISTER! LIKE! I GUESS! LOL! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – can you lock! ... n***as! up!?! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Pictures of Beyonce Knowles ,Jay-Z and Juelz on the sands of Hawaii’s beach. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Beyonce and her father Matthew Knowles have reached an amicable agreement to part ways. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out what Beyonce & Baby Blue, Angela and Naomi were up to over the weekend. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – That’s right ladies and gents…you too can own a pair of Beyonce’s draws! Beyonce and Momma Tina are...(MORE) ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Once again the Media is blaming us poor Bloggers for Society's ills. Now its regarding the recent Beyonce L'Oreal Ad controversy. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Mama Tina Knowles explains to Elle Magazine how Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce was created. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce works it in Italian Vogue. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Can you think of a better deal? When Beyonce announced earlier last month that she would be bringing her successful "I Am..." tour to the states, f ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Dear Beyonce, There are a few things that I need to get off my chest, and I figured the best way to express them in an organized manner was to write ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce revealed & launched her new fragrance, HEAT last night in Union Square. Among the people in attendance were Usher, Solange, Mama Knowles, She ... More. (Pictures - Entertainment) Views: – who would you smash out of Rihanna,Megan Good,Beyonce,Teyana Taylor & Nia Long? ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Who new a Beyonce sighting could make you clumsy. Well for one of her dearest fans that was the case when she stumbled trying to get a snapshot of Be ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Top Money Making Celebs ... More. (News - Business) Views: – Beyonce recently did a fashion photo shoot with celeb photpgrapher Tony Duran. Not sure what mag these are for, but Mrs Carter seems to have left the ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Tonight, the 2008 World Music Awards in took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The show was hosted the hilarious and beautiful Michelle Williams and feat ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – HILARIOUS!!!! ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views: – Beyonce who is on her last leg of her tour in Japan and did a Special Meet and Greet with at Studio Mouris Roppongi on October 16, 2009. She looked ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Here is the new video from Lady Gaga for her song "Telephone" that features Beyonce.... ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Ladies Ladies Ladies (and a few gentlemen). In the world of "ballers" they must be fierce as at times. Let's play Baller Alert's own Hit or Miss. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé stepped out in NYC despite the rain because she had her security/personal umbrella holder to shield her from the stormy weather. Beyoncé look ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The New York Daily News and People Magazine are reporting that Beyoncé will join forces with legendary entertainer Tina Turner for a performance at t ... More. (News - Business) Views: – List of the 5 hottest couples in hip hop. Do you agree with the list or do you think we totally missed the mark on this one? ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – You damn right Beyonce listens to Jay Z!(LOL)Check out other artists Beyonce is feelin' right now ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
Beyonce was recently spotted in Malibu shooting a new music video. Some lucky guy got to roll around with the “Single Ladies” singer on the beach. (H ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Superstar...Beyonce and her alter ego Sasha Fierce will make their way to Greensboro Coliseum on June 27 for her "I AM..." World Tour. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – As the end of the I Am...Sasha Fierce World Tour nears, Beyoncé was spotted in NYC over the weekend heading into Ricky’s Costume Shop: ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Solange, Juelz and Beyonce at Cirque du Soleil’ Wintuk in NY. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – The Houston singer continues to surprise fans with her random acts of spontaneity. Another one to add to the list looks to be a tattoo of the word " ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Here is Beyonce's Polow Da Don- produced new single Girls (Who Run The World) in it's entirety. No word on an album title or release date. This tra ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé has been spotted numerous times this week with her gorgeous baby Ivy Blue. The one outfit that caught my eye during one of their fashionable ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Is this an April Fool's? ... we think not! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Karina Pasian covers Beyonce's "Ave Maria" live; watch the incredible performance + download the audio ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Record label worried about rift between Beyonce and her dad: Beyonce Knowles is still refusing to speak to her dad and manager, Matthew Knowles, afte ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Check out the Beyonce's video for her second single "Best Thing I Never Had." I bet that guy wished he never would have played games with her he c ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Bey-Z was spotted leaving Bar Pitti in NYC over the weekend. My dad and stepmoms have been pretty quiet since the nuptuals, but as you can see...Bey ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – There appears to be bad blood between Beyonce and Ne-Yo. She has reportedly refused to work with Ne-Yo for her upcoming album that is scheduled to hi ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – The singer has met DC Comics and film studio Warner Bros to express her interest in future superhero roles on the big screen. "I want to do a super ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Janet Jackson and Beyonce are fighting, the way divas are sometimes wont to do. Apparently Beyonce started it all in a recent interview with Ell ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – last night Solange hit up Jimmy Fallon to perform her third single, "T.O.N.Y.," off of Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. Earlier in the day o ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Here is Beyonce in a nice dress at BET Awards in Los Angeles. She's looking so hot! Enjoy the pictures! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce performs on stage at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan 10/18. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Lady Ga Ga finally released her Jonas Akerland directed Quinton Tarantino style, video for her second single, 'Telephone,' which features Beyonce. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Nicki Minaj has has already planned her wedding and she wants Beyonce to take part in it. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Ladies I will explain to you what type of specs that go with different facial structures. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Prior to marrying "Jigga" she seemed to be always smiling. What happened? More on his upcoming album! ... More. (News - Gossip) Views:
Beyonce Knowles is gearing up for a world tour and if you can dance, she wants you to be a part of it. The recently self-proclaimed 'frugal' diva h ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – (News - Entertainment) Views: – P.Diddy was on David Letterman and said Michael Jackson once came over to him and while whispering in his ear; asked Puff where Beyonce was… Word ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – The 2010 Grammy Awards are just around the corner, and plenty QCU celebs are nominated. The beautiful Keri Hilson is nominated for Best New Artist, ... More. (News - Culture) Views: – Beyonce spotted at the Hiro Ballroom ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Beyoncé attended First lady Michelle Obama fundraiser held in Tribeca, New York a few days ago looking fab. I like how she gave this classy look a ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce is planning to release her own designer shades. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce arrives at LAX in stlye! ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – This piece is dedicated to every woman who takes Beyonce�s latest single �Single Ladies� literally. Please understand that her world does not provide ... More. (News - Culture) Views: – Dear Beyoncé, I woke up this morning to the surge of a beautiful sunlight washing my spirit with a feeling of nothing quite shy of amazing. My man a ... More. (News - Business) Views: –
Joe Jonas performs 'Single Ladies' ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – ... wow-sers! i’m really lost for words! folks! LOL! ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views: – For the amount of money many companies paid for a commercial in Superbowl 44, you would hope they would have hired better marketing people. While the ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – See how Jay-Z and Beyonce add to their billions. Tyler Perry working on his first Billie. Oprah and Tiger Woods showing the rest how to do it. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce Knowles and Monica Cruz wore the same Elle Saab dress at different events. Who wore it best? ... More. (Pictures - Fashion) Views: – Mr and Mrs Carter steppin out as a married couple. Ahh... original link: ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In case you weren't impressed by those thirty second snippets that leaked last week, MySpace Music has the exclusive premier of Beyonce�s new album, ... More. (News - Music) Views: – This remix is hotter than the original. Seriously it is. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce & Jay-Z Pregnancy Reports Confirmed ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyoncé made her rounds in New York City making the sidewalk her runway as usual.She rocked a pair of booties that are a cross between ice skates and ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce and Keyshia Cole both carried Chanel Draw String Tote Adorned With Reversible Sequins but the question is...."Who's Got Style?" Vote for y ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Beyonce on the set of her new video shoot for single "Diva." ... More. (Pictures - Music) Views: – I'm not surprised honestly. ... More. (News - Music) Views: – WOW! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce and Tina Knowles takes House of Dereon on the road to Las Vegas for four days at the Wynn Las Vegas. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Here is the highly anticipated collabo "Put It In A Love Song" from Alicia Keys and Beyonce. The track will be on Alicia Keys upcoming album "The ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – When you get a girl so sprung she gets a tat of YOUR hometown on her hand, you know you got her….. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce and Jay Z were greeted with boo's from the paps at Costume Institute's "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Gala at the Metropolitan Museum ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Michelle Obama responds to Beyonce's open letter. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce was spotted arriving at the LAX airport not smiling as usual. Either way she's still the hottest chick in the game. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – YES!!!!Listen to I AM...SASHA FIERCE entire album on line just click my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! CD IS FIRE!!! ... More. (All Musicians) Views: – Obsessed is the modern day Fatal Attraction. Idris Elba and Beyoncé Knowles are husband and wife. He is a successful professional with a loving fa ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – No one expected the bubbly Beyonce from the Platinum group Destiny's Child to ever be as big as she is today. She has endorsements galore and is.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Alicia is shooting in brazil today with beyonce for her new single. Rumor has it Swizzy down there to-- peep the site for more goodies! ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Solange Knowles' style has always been a debate around the net. Is she stylish, or is she a hodgepodge of a mess? Well, you know my answer. ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – Kayne West and Jay-Z's exclusive listening event for their highly-anticipated release, Watch The Throne, was the hottest ticket in NYC ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – As we all know, Beyonce's, I Am Sasha Fierce, double CD drops next week, 11/18,2008. On the Sasha Fierce disc she is going in on more uptempo tracks ... More. (News - Music) Views: – Beyonce will have the honors but I'm hoping that she'll perform a cover of the DMX classic "What These Bitches Want." LOL! ... More. (News - Music) Views: – DAMN! SO DISAPPOINTING. ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce and Jay-Z won't be guest staring on Gossip Girl anytime soon, but the couple were spotted dining at Nello's restaurant in NYC's Upper Eas ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – As I was perusing the net to kill a little time in between working, I came across a blog post that proved that Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video is a ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce’s Mom & Dad — Divorce Off ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce is looking good in this new photo for Fashion Rocks! ... More. (News - Fashion) Views: – ...At least that is what FOX News is reporting, and they have even dug up some evidence. Here is what Roger Friedman wrote, "The story behind ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – In lieu of the recent release of Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce, I felt it necessary to honor my DIVA'S here on Balleralert. Everyone has their own ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
Beyonce Knowles graces the March (09) cover of Los Angeles Confidential magazine. Wearing a white Herve Leger swimsuit, the self proclaimed frugal si ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The EBT Awards are right around the corner and so all of your favorite artists strapped on a clean pair of draws and hit the Nominee Special to see h ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce was recently spotted in NYC rocking really cute summery getup. You can also check out an outfit I put together that is similar to the one she ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – We're weeks away from the release of The Element of Freedom & my anticipation is growing high. Put It In A Love Song is niceeeee to say in the least ... More. (News - Music) Views: – A day after she showed off her new tat of her adopted hometown, Beyonce leaks her new video on the net. Check out “Why Dont You Love Me”. ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce graces the cover of the latest cover of Billboard Magazine. Bee talked about the significance behind her album title 4, her new single Run ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – I know I am late but…I can’t believe that I can purchase a Gareth Pugh piece under $200!I bet once you put them on you will feel like a Spartan warr ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce has conveniently leaked two tracks the same week that her bandmates projects were in the works ... More. (News - Gossip) Views: – Beyonce was spotted at LAX on her way to depart to god only knows where. That's a traveling woman. Her outfit, glasses, and bag are definitely on po ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – 'I'm there. I can't wait. I feel like all of us, we're ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want _ if they need me to volunteer, the ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – J you better stay close to your woman!!!Who knew that Bey & Idris was working on a suspense thriller??? Actor Idris Elba, Ali Larter and Beyonce K ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – The video for Beyonce's "Broken-Hearted Girl" hit the net today. Sources say that "B-HG" is no longer the sixth single from I Am...Sasha Fierce ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce and Alicia Keys hit up Rio de Janero to capture the vibrancy for the video “Put It in a Love Song.”.... ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce Spotted shopping in Paris Friday. ... More. (All Pictures) Views: – Mrs. Carter, a.k.a. Beyoncé, hosted an A-list shindig for her little sis, Solange Knowles' 22nd birthday. [Continue...] ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – BALLER IN FLICKS: Beyonce covers V magazine and photo shoot inside! original link: ... More. (Pictures - Entertainment) Views: – Yesterday, Beyonce was spotted in NYC before and after her David Letterman taping. Although the rain was drizzling on her way in, the weather cleared ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Beyonce and Jay Z spent a whopping $1,700 at Nello's which is one of their favorite eateries in NYC. This ish is bonkers. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: – Jay-Z & Swizz weren't the only special guests last night at the gardens. Beyonce joined her in performing Put It in A Love Song... original link: ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – Just in time for Christmas, Beyonce shows up on the scene again, this time in her sexiest marketing campaign since her and Jay said “I Do”. Check the ... More. (Videos - Entertainment) Views: – What a way to welcome the snow with ice skate inspired boots. Celebs are already gravitating toward this artistic shoe trend.Check out some different ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views: | Share Buttons | About | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact
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