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Utopia is a name for an ideal community possessing a seemingly perfect socio-politico-legal system. Bearing multiple meanings, most modern usage of the term "Utopia" describes that of a place of perfection rather than nonexistence. Plato, a Classical Greek philosopher, held a view that 10 was the perfect number on the basis of the hands containing 10 fingers.

Culture19 invites you to exerience a night of perfection on Saturday, November 8.

� $10 Advance VIP Tickets until Tuesday November 4 at 10PM

� Arrive before 11:10 to receive VIP admission for just $10

� Perfect 10 Martini Specials All night long

� A 10 glass champagne toast will be held in VIP 10 minutes after every hour

VIP Includes:
Private lounge access | Hors D'ourves | Line Skip (when purchased in advance) | 10 glass Champagne toast held 10 minutes after every hour


Tables accommodate a party of 6, and include a complimentary bottle of Moet Champagne (or a substitute of your choice). Reserve your table by calling (919) 771-3900 or emailing [email protected]



BROWZ : Eyebrow Bar
Crabtree Valley Mall
(Near food court, across from Privlege by Casanova)
Check ticket availability at this ticket location by calling: (919) 789-0600


Kuttin' Edge Barbershop
156 E. Chatham St
Cary, NC 27511
Check ticket availability at this ticket location by calling:
(919) 466-8500 Ask for Cecil


Only individuals 21 years of age, and older will be admitted

Style: UPSCALE - No sneakers, work boots, athletic wear, or hats

Location: Gianni & Gaitano's 8311 Creedmoor Road

Culture describes the socially acquired values, beliefs, and rules of conduct which delimit the range of accepted behaviors in a society. 1919 marked the start of the Harlem Renaissance, a time when the arts and intellectuals flourished in urban America.

Culture19 epitomizes the values, and sense of pride experienced during the Renaissance in nightlife form. We are changing what has come to be expected, while raising what you have accepted. When you experience Culture19 you experience the crest of urban entertainment. (Raliegh/Durham) Views:

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