abigbuttandasmile.com – Who doesn’t like a sparkly shoe? Badgley Mischka brings the bling to their Mysti ankle boots in a unique way. The Mysti ankle boots have all the shim ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
ashy2classy.net – Rap music has done some bad influence on black culture but it can't be blamed for everything right? ... More. (News - Culture) Views:
ashy2classy.net – Have you seen Lupe Fiasco's new video "Bitch Bad"? Well there is some controversy over women's representation in it! Jump into the discussion on ... More. (News - Culture) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – Thigh high boots aren’t just for hookers and Julia Roberts. Pair a great pair of thigh highs with leggings or a dress with a longer hemline and you’v ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
ashy2classy.net – Your life may not be going anywhere because you take for granted what's happening in your life right now!! ... More. (News - Culture) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – After eighteen months of existence, Aston Martin has pulled the plug on the production on the Virage. ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
sexpositionguide.abigbuttandasmile.com – This happens to be my favorite of the missionary positions. To get in to the Folded Deck Chair position, you lay on your back and place your legs on ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – You can’t compete with a woman like Joseline Hernandez, Love and hip Hop Atlanta’s breakout star and “Steebie” J’s newest artist. You can’t compete w ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
straightolc.podbean.com – This week we have singer and song writer Niambi Knows (@niambiknows) of the group Az One. We go into Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone, Harry Belafont ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – After Bentley announced plans to drop the top on the luxurious Mulsanne, Top Speed decided the sketch drawings Bentley provided weren't good enough. ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – Nixon unveils their fall/winter 2012 line up, with a collection of traditional watches captured in a series of themes. Characterized by materials and ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – WOW this is a tough one. Violator Management founder Chris Lighty was found dead in Bronx apartment due to an apparent suicide. ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
sexpositionguide.abigbuttandasmile.com – Lay on your back and put your legs over your head with your ankles resting on either side of your head. Your guy (or gal) straddles you and thrusts h ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.forbezdvd.com – nice ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.quickscatchup.com – ...our suspicion that Kanye was behind Kim K's new look was confirmed. During the episode, Kanye told Kim, "...babe, you gotta really clean out ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – Christina Miliian has a new, Jas Prince, and they were partying it up at Playhouse in LA. Milian rocked a black sweatshirt, a pair of black shorts an ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – A few months ago, it was rumored that Bentley was in the process of developing a new sports car concept. Now, when you think of Bentley, you think of ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – To pay homage to the breath taking Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, Michel Parmigiani and his crew unveiled the Parmigiani Bugatti Vitesse watch. ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – Oh poor Prince harry. The princely spare can’t see to catch a break. First his naughty good time in Vegas got exposed when some greedy Americans sold ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – As August comes to a close we're going out with a bang with the sexy Blasian, Ashleigh Hue. Check out more images after the jump. ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – Vaginas are awesome. That's right I said their AWESOME. Adam may have been created first, but God got it right when he made Eve and her lady bits. B ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
straightolc.podbean.com – This week we dive right into the topics once again as always. We had Arlington Lane as a guest again(@thealaneii) in the studio. We talk about Nas' ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
abigbuttandasmile.com – or so says ONTD as they posted the most DELICIOUS pictures of one of the sexiest athletes to play any sport (ever): ugby hunk Thom Evans. ... More. (News - Entertainment) Views:
www.beprestigious.com – New for fall/winter 2012 comes the Louis Vuitton "Breaking Away" sneaker boot. Providing the comfort of a sneaker with the durability of a boot, th ... More. (News - Offbeat) Views:

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